Burgundian Ways

The meticulous viticulture approach is based on the Burgundian principal of high-density planting with low yields from individual vines. 9000 vines are planted per hectare, one meter apart, in five rows. The sixth row is missing to facilitate maintenance of the vines and to avoid compaction of the soils. High density planting encourages greater surface of leaf exposure and restricts root growth, thereby improving fruit concentration, which is so essential to the making of truly great wines.

Our vine training system is “Double Guyot”. As practiced in Burgundy, green harvest takes place at veraison. Approximately 35% of the green fruit is picked and left on the ground, leaving the remaining 65% of the harvest to develop greater flavour concentration. Experienced pickers harvest the grapes by hand. The picking team moves through the vineyard up to three times, to ensure that grapes are picked at optimum ripeness and health.

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