Fruits of our Labour

In addition to our award-winning wines, we are proud to produce a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil and estate honey, which display regional characteristics and are made to our exacting quality standards.


This Olive Oil is an unusually expressive product produced from the same terroir as our handcrafted Bouchard Finlayson estate wines and enjoyed by our guests in all the hotels of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection. At Bouchard Finlayson, we treasure our limited supply of single pressed, extra virgin, flavourful oil from our 1000-tree olive grove. The olive grove is established on rugged mountain soil, adjacent to our vineyards, located some 5km from the Atlantic Ocean, which supports a typically mild Mediterranean climate. Three varieties have been selected for planting and contribution to this blend:

"Frantoio" is the primary oil varietal used in Tuscany
"Coratina" originates from Puglia and contributes a notable peppery character to the oil
"Mission" is out of California and is by far the most popular variety in South Africa. It has the advantage of being flexible in being both suitable for oil production and eating


Bee's on the Estate

Over 70% of our Bouchard Finlayson property is devoted to pristine wild land, which is protected within the Cape Fynbos plant kingdom. Our own research team has identified over three hundred different plant species, including a diverse floral masterpiece. Each year we produce a small annual harvest of complex and delectable estate honey. Such regional honey is rare, particularly as the only blending involved in its production is during the natural pollination and gathering process. This ‘blending’ involves bees (approximately 800 000 bees, 65 000 per hive) mixing tiny contributions from each species of three hundred different plants into one collective offering. Such complexity gives rise to a kaleidoscope of flavours, all combining to maximise the taste contribution within each prized jar of classic dark honey. We are proud to showcase this delicious liquid gold in our sister Red Carnation Hotel properties in South Africa, namely The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat, The Oyster Box Hotel, as well as from our Tasting Room.

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