Bouchard Finlayson is a member of the Hemel-en-Aarde Winegrowers’ Association, upholding the ethical code of Labour Practices in the area. The estate strives to provide a contented and healthy working environment for all staff. Continuous training opportunities are provided and staff attend courses to further develop skills that will accelerate their career paths and enhance personal growth of individuals.

In addition to contributing to the staff retirement fund, Bouchard Finlayson provides staff support by means of housing, water and electricity, children’s school tuition, healthcare and transportation to work. Recent additions to staff facilities on the farm include the construction of a new Recreation Room for our farm workers, which offers cloak rooms and a self-catering style cafeteria to use during breaks and lunch times.

Within the community at large, Bouchard Finlayson contributes on an ongoing basis every month to the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley Pre-school, as well as to Hermanus Rainbow Trust, which provides essential health, social and education services in response to the dire needs of poor and marginalised communities within the region.

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