Bouchard Finlayson - A Boutique Winery

Winery & Cellars

The winery building, depicted on the distinctive Bouchard Finlayson label, is another breakaway from tradition. The Cape feel is maintained by the thatched roof and the wide veranda, both of which serve practical purposes - the former provides excellent natural insulation, while the latter assists in keeping the afternoon sun off the building’s exterior walls.

The production cellar contains both stainless steel and concrete tanks. The maturation cellar, built into the hillside features attractive brick arches and a natural earth floor. Bottled wine storage and maturation cellar are temperature controlled to ensure wines develop under ideal conditions.

Both the Pinot noir and Hannibal are matured in French oak barrels. Only the best barrels are being used in this maturation. The barrels are imported from Burgundy, France and produced by Meyrieux. This is a small cooperage that only manufacture 12 barrels a day, which portrays their position as a dedicated Pinot noir and Chardonnay cooperage.

The current range of wines is offered for sampling in a tasting facility adjacent to the maturation cellar. Visitors are encouraged to experience the wine and the cellar at their own leisure. Total annual production is approximately 12,000 cases.

Then we also have a cellar at the Homestead. This venue is being used for larger tour groups and can accommodate up to 50 people for a sit down wine tasting. In the near future we are also planning on storing and displaying our older vintages and releases here.

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